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Hacienda Verde is a family owned farm located at 0 latitude in one of the last remnants of Andean Dry Forest of Ecuador (Bosque Protector Jerusalem). Diverse agroforestry plots grow in the buffer zone

About Us

We are experimenting new ways of successfully managing sustainable farming. We grow a diversity of fruit trees in association with short term crops, enhancing  the cultivation of nontraditional native species and ancient crops, as well as traditional agricultural techniques.

We investigate about the traditional use of wild plants  of the Andean Dry forest and our major goal is its conservation or forest protection. We pursue to share our experience through guided  natural and gastronomic tours, courses, and by being a model farm for other cultivators.

The tours are guided by the owners exclusively.


Hacienda Verde (45 km north of Quito) is an excellent choice for a stopover on the way back from Otavalo indigenous market, or the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon from the airport on the way to Quito.

Enjoy a Unique Equadorian Tour & Gastronomic Experience at Zero Latitude  !

Our Tours

We offer exclusive tours guided by the owners through the farm and the forest.  

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