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Kudos from around the world for Fabian

Hola Fabien,

I hope this email finds you in good health and all is well.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for a magical adventure during my time at 'The Galapagos Island'. I have published my photos and they are amazing, especially the photos with morning light. Yes, it was struggle to wake up early but I now understand why you have an early start, to see the beauty of the islands, the bird life and marine life in the morning light and to experience the silence.

Your Impeccable knowledge and passion of the birdlife and marine life enabled me to embrace and appreciate all of the charms of the 'The Galapagos Islands' have to offer. I now have a new found interest in birds. As a result, my last day in Ecuador, I spent at Tandayapa Bird Lodge to watch the hummingbirds of Ecuador.

Thankyou too for 'This Is Ecuador' tourist guide as it become my bible. My taxi journey from Quito to Otavalo was picturesque, passing many flower farms, towns, lakes and volcanoes. I spent the next week in Otavalo, exploring the surrounding towns, my favorite places were Cuicocha Lake and San Antonio.

You have the correct balance to life Fabien, with your time spent in 'The Galapagos Islands' (water energy) and your farm (mother earth energy). Continue to Embrace, Enjoy !!!

My trip to Peru and Ecuador has left a huge impact in my life. I just wanted to thankyou again for being a part of my magical experience and especially your patience with snorkeling. I shall treasure the memory.

I wish you good health, happiness, many days of snorkeling and tenderness in your life.

Ciao and many happy days.

Angela Di Fede

Hi Fabian

Wow what a trip!  I have been telling everyone who will listen how amazing the Galapagos Islands are and how Anne and I were so blessed with having an extraordinary guide in you.  Your knowledge of the Islands, the wildlife, combining the ecosystems, knowing what people want to see, the time to photograph, sharing your life stories – everyone loved you! 

So many breathtaking moments in the Galapagos, but I think my most memorable was swimming with the 3 baby sea lions, diving down, swirling around as we ascended and they followed my every move!  Or maybe it was swimming with the turtles and the waves bringing me together with one that was less than a foot away.   I shot over 2000 photographs and posted the best on Facebook – now all my friends want to go! HA!

I have traveled the world (92 counties to date), mostly for work but many for the leisure, the Galapagos Islands were hands down on the top of my list and it would not have been the same without you as part of the experience – you are the Best!  Thank you so much!

May you have a wonderful life and as much joy as you bring to others!
Carol Peavey  

G'day Fabian,
Thanks for wonderful trip in the Galapagos - you are such a knowledgeable guide and fun person.

Speak soon regarding getting you over here to do the presentations next August :) 

I have friended you on facebook.
I am already planning my next trip to Galapagos - it was so amazing thank you .

Karen Odwyer

Dear Fabian,

When (not if) I come back, I will definitely look you up. Thank you so much for making this the most amazing week of my life. I hope you continue teaching everybody what you patiently taught the group and myself over the past 7 days, and that you continue teaching for many years to come. Thank you!

Sincerely  Gene Venables


You have enthralled us with your knowledge and your inspirational discussions. We appreciate your effort in attempting to show us wildlife away from other tourists and in seeking great snorkelling sites. There has not been a day that we have not been overawed with the "Galapagos" and we approve of your desire to keep the Galapagos  sanctuary for the future. 

with grateful thanks   Helen and Colin Ingham

Dear Fabian,

 It has been such a great pleasure to have had such an amazing, knowledgeable and wonderful guide. From the first warm welcome, we could see your sense of humour, extraordinary wisdom and passion for country, your profession and your life. As a teacher I can only aspire to be like you and it was so nice to be in the student position. Thanks for everything. It's been the trip of a life time and I hope you can visit Canada again and have us be your guide. Gracias por todo!!!

Heather and Anne Bird


Thank you so much for a very memorable trip. The Galapagos is a very special place. Your knowledge of, enthusiasm and passion for the islands make them much more special.

Rae Nagamatsu


Hola Fabian,

I've been back home for a few weeks, back to reality, but remembering a great holiday which was the trip of a lifetime. Have you got the best job or what, working in one of the most unique natural wildlife sanctuaries on the planet!

 I hope you enjoyed your Galapagos time with your daughter Francesca. I'm sorry that Gabrielle and I didn't plan a longer stay on the islands because every island is so different. It has remained one of the highlights of my amazing trip, even though there were quite a few. I have been invited back to Brazil by Amanda, our guide, and I would like to see more of Argentina as well as visit Venezuela.

 If you're still planning to come to OZ next year, you're welcome to include Newcastle in your itinerary. It's a pretty good place with lots of marine activities. It even got a very good rating in Lonely Planet and is ranked as one of the best cities in the world!




Hi Fabian,
 How are you? Great to have you onboard!
 Fabian I have been speaking to our head of Operations about your trip to Australia but first I have some news.   I have resigned from Peregrine, after 8 years it has been a tough decision however I am ready for a new challenge.   With this in mind I am going to hand you over to Ken Ismail, our Director of Operations, I have copied Ken into this email.
  Ken agrees it would be great to have you holding some talks on the Galapagos whilst you are here  and he will be in contact with you regarding assistance which can be offered.
 Fabian, before I finish up, I would really like to personally thank you for your work with our clients. Your service have been above and beyond expectation in every instance and you have been an invaluable member of the team.  I hope that when you come out next year we will be able to catch up for a drink or such.
 Best of luck with the future Fabian!
 Kind Regards

Jill Blunsom - Destination Manager - Latin America
Peregrine & Gecko's Adventures



Dear Fabian,
A very big thank you for making our trip to the Galapagos so memorable and such fun, with lots of laughs.   And what a treat to have the lobster-fest on our last night, with delicious soup to whet our appetites.
As we said to Woody & Annie, what had been a rather hazy name for rocky islands somewhere in the Pacific took on so much more significance and awareness of what a unique archipelago the Galapagos is, when you explained the intricacies of evolution (for example all those finches! and the soft-prickled cacti as yet unaware of the impending danger of re-introduced iguana) and the destructive power of invasive species and predators.    It was very impressive to see all the conservation work involved in trying to eradicate the follies of the human race over the course of history, so that this special environment can remain as unspoiled as possible for future generations to study and enjoy.
And then there was the snorkelling to open our eyes to the wonders below the surface of the ocean, with all those jewel-coloured fish darting around the coral reefs, the sharks idling on the seabed, and that magical moment with the sealion twisting and swirling with the shoal of salemas in a veritable ballet of poetry in motion.
And thank you too for taking us to your farm, with Lucia and Francesca giving us such a warm welcome, so that we could admire your terrific and challenging enterprise with all its biodiversity and your experiments with your great range of crops.    It was a lovely finale to a fantastic fortnight, with the extra bonus of munching pizzas by your lagoon to the chorus of croaking frogs, and of course not forgetting the chance of sampling your delicious honey!!
Again, thank you for looking after us so well, and imparting so much of your vast knowledge so that we are that much richer in every way,
With all best wishes to you and your family,
Clennell & Shelagh


From: Lee Johansen 
Date: 26 de febrero de 2014 10:31:08 p.m. GMT-05:00
To: "" <>
Subject: Our Galapagos tour on the Queen Beatriz

My wife and I spent 8 days, from February 5, 2014 - February 12, 2014 touring the Galapagos on the Queen Beatriz. During the first half of our cruise the Naturalist/Guide was Fabian Bucheli. Fabian supplied us with a wealth of information on what we were seeing during our tour. In addition he helped my wife overcome her deep seated fear of snorkeling. He offered to help her in the water, but he did not pressure her. On the afternoon of the 2nd day she put on a wet suit and went into the water. With Fabians help she was not only able to stay in the water for the whole time but was able to see several things unique to the Galapagos including a penguin. The next day with more encouragement from Fabian she went in again. When Fabian left our cruise after the first 4 days my wife had gained enough confidence to snorkel several more times. 

When we came on board the Queen Beatriz I was quite sure my wife would not be comfortable enough with the idea of snorkeling even one time. In the end she snorkeled at least 5 times during our time on board. She would not have been able to do this had it not been for the sensitivity and skill of your Naturalist / Guide Fabian Bucheli. 

Thanks to Fabian we consider our time on the Queen Beatriz one of the best adventures we have had the good fortune to experience in our more than 43 years of mirage.